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The Kensington Rune Stone is a medieval artifact recently proven to be authentic.Read the story here of how, for over 100 years, repeated claims of hoax have been debunked forcing a major rewrite of American history.Saint-Saëns : Symphonie n°3 "avec orgue", enregistrée le à 20h30 à Saint-Sulpice.Orchestre "Les Siècles" (instruments d'époque), dir. François-Xavier Roth avec Daniel Roth au grand orgue.

While it had many adherents through the years, today new technology and newly discovered documents are tilting the scales sharply away from the possibility that the rune stone is the product of Olof’s hoax.

In 1898, the number was arguably zero, and certainly not a Minnesota farmer.

The linguistic smoking gun on the rune stone is the dotted R, which we will discuss in much more detail.

Suddenly the tables are turned - how could a farmer have known about these runes decades before the academics discovered them?

The language on the KRS is so complex and many of the forms so obscure that only a handful of people in the world today could reasonably attempt a similar carving.

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