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: All nail salons—as a condition of obtaining a license—must secure a bond or insurance policy to cover failure to pay legal wages and other general business liabilities.

As the anniversary of Governor Cuomo’s creation of the task force, and subsequent enactment of industry reforms approaches, industry workers and their advocates are heralding this recovery as another example of the “significant progress” Governor Cuomo’s initiatives have ushered in.

Luna Ranjit, co-founder and executive director of Adhikaar, said: “There has been significant progress since Governor Cuomo implemented the reforms of the nail salon industry.

These reforms included a historic trainee license program to bring unlicensed workers into the formal workforce, administering the licensing exam in additional languages to help workers with limited English proficiency, and a wage bond to protect workers from wage theft.

Since that time, the task force, led by the New York State Department of Labor, has opened investigations into more than 450 nail salon businesses, with 383 being completed to date.

Following the task force’s creation, New York State enacted a series of nail salon industry reforms, ranging from surety requirements to protective equipment standards to posting notices.

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