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When Charlotte introduced herself to the Liars, she changed her name to Ce Ce Drake (Vanessa Ray).Read more ' Pretty Little Liars' Creator, Star on Finale's "Dead People," "Absolute Closure" in "A" Reveal Ce Ce explains that her father never allowed her to live the life she wanted, and he sent her to Radley to not have to deal with her.This is also supported by the fact that Charlotte also took advantage of Sara's close proximity to the Liars to prevent them from telling Dr. However, it should be noted that Harvey tried to get Emily and the other Liars to leave Radley before Charlotte's explosion was scheduled to happen.This insinuates that her feelings for Emily may not have been all just an act.She further confesses to have wished for Harvey's death prior to her disappearance.During the sixth season premiere, "Game On, Charles", Sara makes her first physical appearance at Charlotte Drake's Dollhouse, having allegedly been there for two years.Ce Ce's mom would bring her sister Ali's (Sasha Pieterse) old clothes for her to wear and enrolled her in high school, where she met her brother Jason (Drew Van Acker), who did not recognize her.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) also learned that Sara Harvey (Dre Davis), her girlfriend, had been teaming up with Ce Ce as Red Coat and Black Swan.

has always been focused on the main characters learning the identity of "A," but the show ended the episode by setting a new storyline in motion.

The series jumped ahead five years, where Ali is now a teacher named Mrs. The Liars burst into Ali's classroom and revealed that someone is after her.

will return for the second half of season six in 2016, and it has been renewed for a seventh season, so the new mystery will presumably become its primary focus as the girls leave high school behind.

It was not immediately clear where the other girls have been living since high school or whether they have remained close.

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