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Keep in mind also that there is always the chance that the feds will swing by for compliance checks; under the controversial Adam Walsh Act, the US Marshals have been given jurisdiction in compliance checks (I question the constitutionality of that provision).

Remember just because you are on a registry does not mean they can come in and check your residence without a warrant.

You may live in a state that gives you a "Tier 1/ Low Risk" designation with 10 year registration in one state, while another state gives lifetime registration or may reclassify you a Tier 3/ High Risk" because of the circumstances of your crime.

you even start looking for a home, because sometimes cities, townships, or counties have residency laws that differ from the laws imposed by the state.

A five minute call may save you a lot more headache during your house hunt later.

In my previous experience, it took 33 over 130 calls before I found a place that would accept registered citizens in 2007 but only 33 calls in 2014.

Whether that is the result of me having better methods of house hunting or the result of changing attitudes regarding renting to registrants remains to be seen.

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This applies to those on SSI, the rules to those drawing from the lifetime earnings fall under different rules.

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