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Yes, Honda has thrown a new seat in the 2017 Pioneer 1000-5 that has thicker foam which should cut down on some of the heat as well as be a little bit more comfy on the trails.The new pre-wired winch harness on the 2017-2018 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe may not seem like a big deal to some people but trust me if you ever plan on installing a winch on your Pioneer 1000-5 you will find out this change is heaven-sent… Honda calls for 4.5 hours worth of labor on their flat-rate chart to install a winch on a Pioneer 1000-5 and the majority of that time is spent with installing the wiring harness.The Active Yellow color has been used in the past on the 2017 Rubicon 500 EPS (TRX500FM6).It’s not the typical “school bus” yellow that you may be familiar with, this is more of a highlighter yellow.Once I am finished doing a detailed review on each model I will put together a special page breaking down all of the model differences between all of the different 2018 Pioneer 1000-5 (5-seater) & 1000 (3-seater) models.Let’s dive into the 2018 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe model and see what it’s all about and break down all of the 2018 vs 2017 Pioneer 1000-5 changes that you’ll see as well as the differences between the Pioneer 1000-5 ‘Base Model’ versus Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe as well as the Pioneer 1000-5 LE.This is something you didn’t see a lot of people talk about but it was a pet-peeve of mine on the 2016 Pioneer 1000 models as every time you put it in reverse and then back into ‘drive’ whether it be High or Low the transmission would reset and default back to Automatic-mode.Then you would have to re-select whether or not you wanted it in Automatic with the Sport-mode activated or back into Manual-mode etc.

This is the baddest side by side you can buy from Honda for the 2018 model year / lineup. Nope, not yet so that means the Limited Edition Pioneer 1000 model lineup from Honda is still the baddest they are bring to market.

I’ve found that ever since Honda released the 2016 Pioneer 1000 model lineup in 2015 that I still run into people on a daily basis that are confused by all of the models and what they offer so I’m going to try and help break down that information to better-help those individuals that may not know every in-and-out about these models like many enthusiasts are that have studied every nut and bolt of these side by side / UTV models.

Nowhere in those model names does it really designate what you get for the $$ differences and or what differentiates them and that is what I believe still confuses some people.

Using Honda’s signature total approach, they wanted to match or exceed the competition in all of the important areas, and that’s exactly what the Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe does: Honda technicians have proven time and again that there’s simply no one better at developing engines, and their full expertise was called upon for the Pioneer 1000’s all-new, purpose-built side-by-side power plant.

The result is an engine that’s head-and-shoulders above anything else on the market, serving as a reminder that there’s a reason behind the manufacturer’s name: Honda Motor Company.

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